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 Units Sizes 

What size storage unit do you need?

Sometimes that can be a tough question, but we are here to help you figure it out.  You are
always welcome to give us a call or come in and take a look at our storage units. Here are some approximate guidelines to give you an idea to get started.

   Unit Size

 Approximate amount that unit will hold **

    5 x 10

 This 50 square foot storage unit is about the size of a walk in closet.  It will 
 hold about one room of furniture and boxes and seasonal items. 

    5 x 15

 This 75 square foot storage unit will hold about the contents of a studio or small
 one bedroom apartment.

   10 x 10

 This 100 square foot storage unit will hold about the contents of a one bedroom
 apartment or two to three rooms of furniture and boxes.

   10 x 15 

 This 150 square foot storage unit is about the size of a large bedroom and can
 store the contents of a two bedroom apartment or 3-4 rooms of furniture and

  10 x 20  This 200 square foot storage unit is about the size of a small one car garage 
 and can store the contents of a three or four bedroom apartment, a small
 townhouse or 5-6 rooms of furniture and boxes.
  10 x 30 
 This 300 square foot storage unit is about the size of a large one car garage
 and can store the contents of a three bedroom house. It can also store
 commercial business  inventory or construction business inventory.
                 The door openings on the storage units are 8 feet high, giving you lots of room to
 bring in oversized furniture or other items.
**All sizes are approximate.  Please inspect your storage unit to ensure the space you rent meets your needs.  The amount of what will fit will vary based upon the size of your contents and belongings.

What type of storage unit do you need?

 We have two types of storage units at Beavercreek Storage Depot, regular and climate controlled.

      Type                                               Considerations

  Most of our storage units are regular units with outside access.  These types of
  storage units have drive-up access that allows you to pull your car or truck
  directly up to the storage unit door.  It eliminates the need to carry heavy items
  very far as you move in and out of your unit. Items that can be typically stored in
  your garage can be kept in a regular unit. This type of unit offers the largest
  variety of sizes.

  These storage units protect your belongings from extreme temperatures and
  humidity. Whether you want to store documents, electronic equipment, artwork, 
  leather furniture, books or other valuables, we have climate controlled storage
  units to meet your demands. These units are for storing anything more fragile,
  expensive or sensitive to temperature changes such as
   -Important office files and records 
   -Personal records
   -Family photographs
   -Albums, books, videotapes
   -Leather furniture
   -Oil paintings
   -Musical instruments
   -Audio and video equipment
  To access these units you will enter the building through a regular door and then
  the units are along a hallway. These units cost more to rent since they are heated
  and cooled year round so that is something to keep in mind when deciding
  whether you need this type of unit to meet your needs. Another factor to consider
  is that these units do not come in the larger sizes.

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